Hit the Jackpot with These Metal-Inspired Online Slot Games

Heavy metal bands have been popular for a long time, and there are still a huge number of people who listen to these songs to date. The world of casinos has also seen a lot of evolutions in the last few decades, and now players can even play casino games online with the ease of their mobile phones or other handheld devices. The most popular online casino games are known as slot games, as the players do not need to have much knowledge of this game like the others. Also, slot games are being established with many themes to make them even more interesting for the players.

If you love listening to heavy metal bands and also looking for an online slot game having such a theme, then fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Many companies have developed slot games using such themes, and these games are now a blockbuster. They have been able to attract many players who love slot games and heavy music simultaneously to give them an experience like no other slot game ever did in history. So, the best online slot games with heavy metal themes are as follows-

Guns N Roses

This game takes the first place in the list, and the major reason behind the same is that NetEnt has developed it. This company is known for developing many other popular online slot games based on different themes and has taken online slots to the next level. There are just 20 pay lines in the game, and the minimum bet that one could place over here is 20 cents, and it goes up to 200 dollars which is a huge amount. It has a Return To Player rate of 96%, which is above the average other sites offer.


Late Lemmy Kilmister was the founder of this game, and he is known to date because of his love for casino games. Although it was not proven that he was the founder of the game until his company partnered with NetEnt to launch this game on the internet. That’s where an interview revealed that Lemmy Kilmister was the founder of the game, and the game is currently under NetEnt. The team has also made efforts to ensure that this game remains on the list of best metal-themed online slot games.

Heavy Metal Warriors

The game, Heavy metal warriors were inspired by a magazine which was a lot popular during the 1970s. There are several reasons behind which one should prefer playing this game, and the most common one of them is the number of pay lines available over here. Currently, this game has around 243 pay lines which mean that there are 243 different ways in which the players could be able to win money in this slot game. This game has been developed by iSoftBet, and the major jackpot of this game pays 2000 times the amount the players have placed in the bet.


The name Megadeth cannot be forgotten when it comes to the list of popular bands, as they have been popular since 2013. Because of this reason, Leander Games created an online slot game inspired by this band. Even the band loved the game so much that they partnered with its developers to ensure it reached heights. This game has a 5 by 5 reel where the players can play, and the jackpot pays them 500 times the amount they have staked.


This game was not popular initially, but players have started showing interest in the same. The game KISS was developed by WMS and launched in 2013. This game has an RTP rate of 95.94%, which is massive and above the average rates other slot games offer. The highest amount a player could win as a jackpot from this game is 125 thousand dollars, much higher than the other slot games.

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