Heavy Metal Frenzy: The Top 5 Online Slot Games for Metalheads

Casinos have changed a lot since the past, and they are not the same as they used to be in the earlier days. Back in the 20th century, people had to spend hours visiting the casino hubs to ensure they could play the games and slot machines over there. But with the introduction of the digital world, things have changed and become more accessible for the players in every aspect. The digital world introduced online gambling sites and platforms such as Casinos Jungle which allowed people to play casino games like online slots, poker, and much more, like the casino hubs.

Along with that, the developers are also able to show up their creativity while making such games as they can make games depending on different themes. This helps them get people who engage with the slot games and spend time on their platform, leading to even more downloads. One of the most popular themes in the history of online casinos has been the heavy metal theme. This theme is inspired by the heavy metal bands who made rock songs popular during the 20th century, and they are even popular to date. Here we will look at some of the most popular heavy metal-themed slot games available online. These games are as follows-

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most popular heavy metal band singers. His songs are even heard today, and he has entertained his fans for a long time through his songs, movies, and much more. Now he even has his own slot game, developed by NetEnt games. The developers of this game are known to be among the most popular ones in the field of online slots. This game even includes some of the favourite solo songs of Jimi Hendrix.


The next slot game on the list is KISS which WMS develops. KISS was among the most popular bands as they were known for the unique looks and performances which they offered to their fans. If you have been a KISS fan, you can recognise the band singers by looking at their face paint in this online slot game. There are two different reel sets available in this online slot game, making the players even more enthusiastic about playing the game.


The developers of this game are NetEnt studios, and they won’t be disappointing the players with their expectations of this game. The developers launched this game as a memory of Lemmy Kilmister, who had formulated the idea of this game and has even been a fan of online casino games. This game features the Motorhead band, and it even has a total of 10 recordings which were shot live from their studios. Many other elements make this slot game even more interesting for the players, and it has 22 studio albums of the Motorheads too.

Rock N’ Roller

If you are looking forward to having the classic experience of slot games and heavy metal bands, then try out the game Rock’n’roller, which has been developed by Playtech games. The best part of this game is that it is not dedicated to just one heavy metal band singer; it has been made in the memory of many popular heavy metal band singers, due to which the players love to play the same and remember the good old times of the concerts of today’s legends. This game has 5 pay lines, and the players can try their luck in the 3 by-3 reels.


The last game on the list is Megadeth, and as the name suggests, this game has been dedicated to the Megadeth band, which has been popular even till 2013. Not only has this game been made for them, but the game’s developers have partnered with the band Megadeth to ensure that it reaches heights. All the band members have been featured in the same, and even the players have a huge chance of winning as there are 40 pay lines available in this slot game.

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