A Look at the Most Influential Bands of All Time

Music has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. The bands have started to evolve, so somewhere we may have lost the old music taste to adapt to the new ones. However, some bands cannot be forgotten during their lifetime. Here we will be having a look at the best and also the most influential bands of all time. These bands are as follows-

The Stooges

The Stooges are the first on the list as they have been the most popular bands of the 20th century. They started as garage bands, but their talent and hard work ensured they were at concerts hosting many people from different parts of the world. Iggy Pop was the lead singer of this band, and this band has been influential for many others, like Ramon and Sex Pistols. Many people even agree that this band has been the reason behind the rise and beginning of heavy metal. Their hard guitar beats were enough to engage people with their songs and concerts. Along with that, the initial three albums of this band helped many other bands to be established, having them as their influencers.

Lou Reed

The band Lou Reed was earlier just performing in the Seminal stint. That was until Andy Warhol spotted their talent and had the urge to get them to perform on the big floor. Andy Warhol sponsored this band, and Lou Reed became the underground rock aesthetic singer. His fame rose so high that he even performed songs for some movies during the 1980s. However, his main talent was noticed in 1989 when his solos became a worldwide hit. He depicted the novels through his songs, which helped him keep people listening. The album New York helped him to be a solo hit superstar, and his band became one of the most influential bands of all time. His songs are even heard to date even though he has stopped performing.

Otis Redding

Otis Redding was known to be among the founders of Soul music. That was until the founder of this band died during the year 1967. But till then, they successfully established a good amount of people who used to listen to their songs and helped them become the most popular bands during the 1970s. He has even been why the musical inroads have been popular and were known to be the founding member of the same. His last footage was the Dock of the Bay, where he talked about the plane crash. It was a real tragedy as he died in a plane crash at the age of 26 only.

The Doors

The name of this band cannot be forgotten when it comes to the most influential bands of all time. They have been the biggest reason behind the rise of rock and roll these days. Jim Morrison was the leader of this band, and his songs were so popular that people started to love the poetic vibes he had given to them through rock music. All the members of this band have given their best to ensure that most of their songs became a hit. The Lizard King was the superhit of this band, and it helped The Doors to be known to the public.

Daft Punk

This French music band has helped the rise of heavy metal a lot. It was led by the DJ club, also known as Daft Punk. And the best part about this band is that their songs have even made it to the most-heard list during 2013. They were a lot popular during the 1990s, and their fame kept on growing till the year 2010. Their songs looked more like sci-fi, which helped them attract more viewers and listeners.

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