The Top 5 Heavy Metal Bands of All Time

Heavy metal bands have been the reason behind rock and roll’s rise. But they were established a long time ago and have changed a lot. Earlier, the bands had different types of songs, but now most things have changed except the basics. Many bands have been established to date, but not all of them have successfully given the taste of music that people love. This is the major reason the majority of the heavy metal bands did not make it to their grandest stages to show their audience how they perform.

But there are a few of them who are even remembered to date. These heavy metal bands are known to be the most popular heavy metal bands of all time. They can even be called the reason heavy metal bands have evolved a lot. People have also given them a lot of support which helped them to climb the ladder to the top. Here we will be looking at some of the best heavy metal bands of all time. These bands have been the topmost, and we have selected them depending on the votes they received worldwide. The top 5 heavy metal bands are as follows-


The tool band has been among the most popular heavy metal bands during the late 20th century. Since they had been formed, the band had just released four albums which were enough to help them reach the ladder to the top of the table. Black Sabbath was the man who helped the band by releasing their first official music just three years into his career. As a result, the music went superhit, and Tool established the starting audience they needed the most. Unfortunately, the band broke in the year 1993, but their songs are even heard to date.


The Metallica form of heavy metal bands was about to lose the trend it had gained earlier. But with the help of Pantera, the Metallica form was revived, and it even became the most popular form of heavy metal bands during the 1980s and 1990s. Although the initials songs of this band did not perform as per the expectations, the song Cowboy from Hell helped them reach a good amount of people in a short time. This song did not grow initially but started to boost when they launched another song two years later.

Judas Priest

This band was established at the same time when Black Sabbath started to gain fame in England. The band Judas Priest was established in Birmingham, and it took them a few years to establish a good amount of audience and gain the fame they needed the most. During the 1980s, they released the song British Steel which helped them to rise to fame. They could utilise this opportunity well and launch many other blockbusters to be all-time hits.


Dave Mustaine originally founded Metallica. And he was a part of the band Megadeth. But unfortunately, the band fired him during the year 1983 due to many reasons and the main reason being his habit of consuming alcohol. Mustaine was one of the major reasons behind the early rise of the band Megadeth, and after that, the band changed many times. But unfortunately, none of them could replace the vibe of Dave Mustaine. In 2010, Mustaine again shared the stage with them, which helped them rise yet again. This was the last time they shared the stage, but probably the best one.


This band has been the most loyal towards Metallica fans as the quality of heavy metal music it provided never faded. The fans of this band were so loyal that it even increased sales of their merch, and many fans wore the Slayer t-shirts when the concerts were held. Their most popular song was Reign in Blood, released in 1986, and this song helped them rise to the top and gain fame.

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