The Inspiring Journeys of 5 Successful Bands

There are many successful bands which we know these days. But there are a few of them who would know about the backstories of these successful bands and how they have made it to the top. If you are also looking forward to seeing the journey of some of the most popular bands these days, then fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Here we will discuss the most inspiring journeys that successful bands had and how they became so popular in the field. The most popular and inspiring journeys of successful bands are as follows-

The Rolling Stones

This is one such band name which has changed the rock music industry. It was established by a group of three friends who were minded and knew well how things would work in their favour. The team suffered many changes as some of their bandmates died or separated. But the team detachments never let them down, and they even perform in huge concerts to date. With so many issues with their lineup, the band focused on their path, which helped them get the milestone of 200 million records they have to date. Along with that, this band even got the 2nd position in the Billboards List of the year 2019.

Pink Floyd

This band made many efforts when they were first established but failed in their live performances. Although their performances were planned, it was still not enough for them to attract the audience towards them. They didn’t give up, and in 1973 the band released The Dark of the Moon, which became a worldwide hit. This album had around 45 million copy sales, and it even made it to the Grammy Hall of Fame. Since then, the band Pink Floyd has never looked back and is climbing the ladder of success. Although the band had paused in 1994 as the members had to focus on their private careers, they still got together again in 2005. They are so popular now that they have even been conducted to the Music Hall of Fame twice, once in 1994 and the next in 2005.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This band was earlier among the most popular bands in the streets of Los Angeles, and their talents and hard work helped them to make it to the top of the world. When the people in Los Angeles saw their performances on the streets, it was the place where they started to grow and establish the audience they needed. The best part was that this band was not specialised in the rock music category. They made songs in many different music categories like Pop, funk, alternative, and much more. In the year 1991, they released the song Blood Sugar Sex Magik, which helped them to reach the massive success they ever needed. This song helped them to be known in society.


This band has been one of the most iconic British bands. They struggled for years before being known to the public and even had many issues when they were about to start. And now, they are known as one of the most legendary bands. We will Rock you, and Bohemian Rhapsody are the most popular song given by this band, and these songs have even made it to many movies and television shows. Their main rise came after the 1970s when their songs became back-to-back hits.

The Beatles

When this band was established during the 1960s, they suffered many things that changed them a lot. Rock music was about to rise during that time, and they focused on coming up with their instrumental music. Due to this, it took them some time to rise to fame, but when they rose, they made it to the top. In just 10 years, they had a total of 12 albums which had made it to the top list of the US and UK Boards.

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